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    Cu ce te putem ajuta ?

      Why hire Nepalese for your business?

      Staff shortages are a much debated topic among Romanian entrepreneurs. Many industries and fields face staff turnover or even shortages, which affect the efficiency of internal activities, the flow and, above all, the results achieved.

      Employers can recruit workers from Asian countries to fill available jobs. Those who have already turned to the Nepalese employment solution have experienced changes in their activities and considerable benefits.

      Nepalese workers now seem to be the ideal choice for the HoReCa industry

      HoReCa is one of the sectors with the biggest staff shortage. Even when contractors find candidates for available positions, many of them are inexperienced, stay for a short period of time or simply don’t meet the requirements. As a result, there are constant staff turnover and vacancies.

      Nepal’s workers are a valuable resource for the hospitality industry. We see more and more waiters, bartenders or even chefs of this origin in restaurants, who fill in the teams and contribute to the smooth running of activities. Employers who have decided it’s time to shift to Nepali workers understand the contribution they bring. They are skilled, hard-working people with a well-developed sense of responsibility.

      What qualities do Nepalese have in addition to other candidates from Asian countries?

      The qualities that define the Nepalese are sociability and meticulousness. They are very communicative, attentive to detail and respectful of others, qualities that are necessary to work in the hospitality industry. In this sector, most jobs involve interaction with customers. It takes people who are communicative, disciplined and who know how to put the comfort of their customers first.

      These qualities also improve the quality of the services provided. Customers will always appreciate staff who communicate effectively, offer help in all circumstances and are attentive to every little detail.

      Therefore, the recruitment process for Asian workers is an option worth considering for any entrepreneur operating in the HoReCa industry, whether it is a restaurant, a hotel chain or just a small café.

      Most candidates from Nepal also have the advantage of knowing English

      In addition to all the above qualities, Nepalese workers also have the advantage of knowing English. This is essential in the hospitality industry as there is always the opportunity to interact with foreign tourists.

      Undoubtedly, hiring Nepal workers is one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs who are in a bind. And this is true in any industry. As is well known, HoReCa is not the only sector affected by staff shortages. Construction, agriculture, aid and care, manufacturing, recycling, cleaning or FMGC are all areas facing the same situation. As a result, in order to reduce the negative impact on firms’ profitability, the Nepalese hiring solution remains one of the most reliable.

      If you’re an entrepreneur yourself and always find yourself with unfilled positions, we suggest you consider this option. It is advantageous not only because of the benefits Nepalese workers bring, but also because of the costs involved. Even though this procedure for hiring Nepalese is more complex and requires compliance with several conditions, in the medium and long term it proves to be more cost-effective. Unlike Romanian employees, who are no longer willing to work for the minimum wage, Nepalese accept this wage because it is far above what they can earn in their home country. In addition, they are more determined, more committed, show professionalism at work and are grateful for the opportunity.

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