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    Cu ce te putem ajuta ?

      Why hire a nanny from the Philippines and what you need to know about the process?

      Many countries, including Romania, have been facing a real staff shortage in recent years in a lot of fields, and babysitting is no exception. As in other fields and industries, people who are willing to work as nannies choose to do so in other European countries, where wages and benefits are higher and more advantageous, and living standards are higher.

      Many countries, including Romania, have been facing a real staff shortage in recent years in many areas, and babysitting is no exception.

      In addition, even for people who choose to stay in Romania for this profession, the requirements are very high and do not fit the budgets of Romanians.

      Why choose a nanny in the Philippines?

      The main requirements and strengths that a nanny must meet are patience, calmness, attention, care and a minimum of general knowledge and English or Romanian language skills, which will ensure a successful recipe for creating a trusting relationship based on a special connection between the little ones and the person with whom they will spend most of their time. Given the positive feedback from parents who have relied on the babysitting services of nannies in the Philippines for years, their professionalism, care, attention, discretion and ability to integrate quickly make them the best choice for most families.

      Almost all nannies in the Philippines are fluent in English, making communication extremely easy. They are also open-minded people, willing to learn the Romanian language, which they often do on their own initiative, especially if there is the prospect of a long-term collaboration.

      Filipino people are raised with traditions and values based on family, caring and work, and are people characterized by empathy and, as is the case for many Filipino workers, dedication to the work they do.

      In addition, exposing children, especially at an early age, to foreign cultures and languages works wonders in developing cognitive, learning and intelligence skills. Also, nannies in the Philippines who choose to do this job professionally are extremely enthusiastic and don’t hesitate to teach their little ones everything they know, while paying close attention to your instructions and advice on raising and educating your children.

      The hiring process

      To make sure you go through each step and make the right choice, the safest and most effective method is to turn to a recruitment company when looking for a Filipino nanny. They provide you with specialised agents who are dedicated to providing the most complex and secure services for both employer and employee. The company will analyze your needs and take care of all the necessary steps, from interviewing candidates to the process of documentation and work and residence permits, including bringing the employee into the country.

      All the while, you can focus on selecting your preferences in terms of the salary you are willing to offer, the skills and knowledge the person you are hiring must have, as well as the contract period you are looking for and the possibility of extending it. Depending on these “filters” you select, you will only be put in touch with people who meet the criteria you set. Afterwards, you’ll attend interviews with candidates to ensure you find the person with whom you’ll make the most beneficial connection.

      So, if you are looking for a dedicated nanny who offers professional advice and service, don’t hesitate to turn to the workers in Asia, who will be there for you unconditionally, becoming part of your family.

      Author: a1.ro editorial staff

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