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      The incredible story of the famous Jimmy Choo. From poor kid in Malaysia to world-famous designer

      Jimmy Choo is a big name in the fashion world. His handcrafted shoes have been worn by many celebrities from around the world, including Princess Diana. Few people know, however, that she comes from a poor family and needed two jobs to pay for her studies at the London Fashion Academy.

      Jimmy Choo was born on 15 November 1948 to a modest family in Malaysia. His real name is Chow, but it was misspelled on his birth certificate.

      He learned to make shoes from his father. At the age of 11 she made her first pair of handmade shoes. He wanted to become a designer and was admitted to the London Fashion Academy. In order to pay his tuition fees he had to work two jobs, one in a restaurant and the other in a shoe factory where he cleaned shoes.

      Source: dreamstime.com

      Favourite of Princess Diana

      In 1986, immediately after graduating, he opened his first custom shoe shop. His talent was immediately recognised and in 1988 his career took off. Vogue magazine published an eight-page article featuring the talented designer. He told the story that every pair of shoes he creates has a story and that everything has to be perfect.

      It came to true fame in 1990, when Princess Diana wore a pair of handmade Jimmy Choo shoes. The designer was even invited to Kensington Palace because the Princess of Wales wanted to meet him in person.

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