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    Cu ce te putem ajuta ?



      The manufacturing sector continues to grow and requires diversified categories of personnel in several industries:

      • Food and drink
      • Electrical and electronics
      • Wood, metal and plastic processing
      • Textiles and footwear

      We supply Asian workers specialized in these sectors: food packer, parts assembly operator, technician, process supervisor, factory/plant worker


      In the construction industry, skilled and unskilled Asian workers are the solution to the labour crisis. Noise resistance, experience and responsibility for tasks are just some of the qualities that recommend Asians for jobs: carpenter, bricklayer, bricklayer, bricklayer, welder, electrician, labourer, excavator.

      Logistics and warehousing

      The development of trade and retail in general has led to the growth of the warehousing and logistics business. Employers in Romania are developing recruitment projects and hiring qualified and unskilled personnel for the following positions: forklift driver, goods receptionist, warehouse worker.

      Trend Articles

      We provide legislative advice from the first telephone contact to the integration of Asian workers in Romania

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