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    Cu ce te putem ajuta ?



      Labour migration to other countries or to cities, as well as the ageing of the population in the villages, is resulting in a shortage of staff in agriculture.
      Coming from economies with a high openness in the agricultural area, African workers are a suitable choice for the vacant personnel categories: farmers, horticulturists, vegetable growers, technicians, tractor drivers, agricultural workers.


      In the construction industry, skilled and unskilled African workers are the solution to the labour crisis. Noise resistance, experience and responsibility for tasks are just some of the qualities that recommend Africans for jobs: carpenter, bricklayer, bricklayer, bricklayer, welder, electrician, labourer, excavator.


      Staff turnover and low productivity in the HoReCa sector are attracting African labour recruitment. The services offered by African chefs in restaurants improve the image of the place and attract more customers. Qualified African staff in the hospitality sector have a wealth of experience in the field and are motivated to work in Romania.
      In the categories of bartender, waiter and busboy, Asians have proven to be very serious and respectful.

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      We provide legislative consultancy from the first phone contact to the integration of Asian workers in Romania.

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