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    Cu ce te putem ajuta ?

      Recruitment agency for workforce from Asia and Africa.

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        Workers in Bangladesh at experience validated and are resilient to work in adverse weather conditions


        Filipinos are native English speakers. They are sociable and friendly and manage to interact directly with customers.


        Candidates from Indonesia learn Romanian fast and are recognized for their extensive qualifications in the massage arts.


        Indians preserve their traditions, the richness of their culture and place great emphasis on religion. They are honest, loyal, hardworking and integrate quickly.


        Malaysia is an economically developed country and offers skilled candidates due to better technology and knowledge-based industries.


        Nepal’s workforce is recognised for the quality of work they provide and the responsibility they demonstrate.

        Sri Lanka

        Sri Lankan candidates adapt quickly to Romania, are disciplined, attentive to detail and physically tough.


        Thailand is a tourist country that attracts many customers every year. The people are hospitable, used to interacting directly with the public.


        Approximately 85% of the population lives in rural areas. Workers in Ethiopia are resilient to high temperatures and physical effort.


        Egyptians looking for employment are well-suited for jobs in production and construction. Team spirit and diligence are some of the qualities that recommend them for these fields.


        Free advice

        We provide legislative advice from the first telephone contact to integration of Asian and African workers in Romania.

        Recruitment and selection

        In order to make it easier to understand the recruitment and selection process of asian and african staff, we will detail the steps we will take next:

        Immigration formalities

        We provide support and consultancy in the immigration formalities for Asian and African personnel.

        About us

        We are a team of professionals experienced in screening non-EU candidates and assessing
        professional skills for all categories of staff.

        We recruit skilled and unskilled labour from Asia and Africa

        Asia accounts for 59.8% of the world’s total population, making it the most populous continent in the world. Africa is the second-largest continent on Earth and the most populous after Asia.
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        How can we help you?


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          Asia being the most populous continent in the world, representing 59.8% of the world’s population, offers candidates in all fields of activity.

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